Ben Corey

Make Your Conference, or Corporate Event an Exciting Experience

You’ve assembled the experts, they’ve donned their badges, and with a master’s execution; you have pulled off another amazing conference. You now need a counterbalance for those information heavy sessions, an attraction, a stress release, something to add the flavor of fun to an awards ceremony, a gala, keynote, or a morning general session, so that people do not disengage.  Ben Corey joins your team to re-engage your attendees and to add that excitement.

On-Message, Custom Performance

By customizing strategic on-message performances to meet your needs, Benjamin Corey will amplify your conference theme and elevate your conference brand experience.  The results are that attendees become more engaged in informational sessions and a wave of energy spreads throughout your conference.

We are not there yet, but our hopes are that one day, by working with people like you, providing a solid product, and achieving solid results, we might rise to be the number one provider of specialized entertainment for conferences.

To find out how: Watch Ben Corey’s demo video,     Submit a request for proposal online,   and call 888-863-9838.