Dial up the fun with the “Defying Gravity” illusion show. Lighten the mood, or set the tone with an exciting conference kickoff. Fill an evening Gala with the “Wows” that you are seeking for your main event. You provide the scene and we add the spark of magic.

Objects appear out of thin air and then vanish.  Then they reappear across the room in an audience member’s hands. A levitating energy ball flies throughout your space. You will experience an evening of surprises, never knowing what will happen next.

Weave the show into an award ceremony to dissipate boredom and leave your audience spellbound. Provide the killer app that will make a memorable and buzzworthy product launch.

Whatever you have planned we’ll work to take it to another level by “Defying Gravity.”

Experience the action now by watching Ben Corey’s demo video.